Protection Network Action Fund

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          The Protection Network Action Fund was formed in 2012 and works to build community power to advance social change in Tucson. PRONET is a community based network that supports grassroots organizing for immigrant rights in Tucson by providing financial support to members and associates of immigrant led organizations who are detained and faced with deportation. We are day laborers and domestic workers, mothers and fathers, neighbors, teachers, and families. We continue to work to transform our communities by pushing for reforms and policy changes to address the many injustices perpetuated against our members.

Since 2012 our community mobilized to put pressure to win the following:

  • August 2012 ~ we won the passage of resolution 21944 to declare Tucson an Immigrant Welcoming City.
  • November 2013 ~ after lobbying by our members, the Tucson city council voted for changes in Tucson Police Department immigration policies, including data collection.
  • May 2014 ~ following the police stop and detention of one of our members, a settlement was reached prohibiting South Tucson Police Department from prolonging stops to determine immigration status.
  • December 2014 ~ after protests from our members and other community members, the Tucson City Council voted to prohibit school resource officers from questioning students about their immigration status.
  • February 2015 ~ following meetings between our members and city counsel representatives, additional changes to TPD immigration policies were announced.

          The 6 organizations include Southside Worker Center, Tierra y Libertad, La Coalición de Derechos Humanos, El Comite Fortin de las Flores, Corazon de Tucson, and Mariposas Sin Fronteras. Visit their website to learn more.