Know your Rights

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What are my rights?  What can I do if the police pull me over?  What are my rights when the Border Patrol stop me? How do I know if my rights have been violated?

We encourage individuals to protect themselves by becoming informed of their legal rights and how to document and report law enforcement abuses. We work to raise public awareness about the problems of abuse, recruit and train volunteer legal rights “promoters” to provide ongoing rights education in their communities, and establish an advocacy network.

We invite you to use any of our materials that you or your organization might find useful in the spirit of defending human and civil rights: Know Your Rights!


Information from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Rights with Border Patrol (English)

Derechos con la Patrulla Fronteriza (Español)

Rights with Police and Immigration Agents (English)

Derechos con la Policia o Agentes de Immigracion (Español)

Rights if ICE is at Your Door (English)

Derechos Basicos Durante Visitas de ICE (Español)


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