November 1st, 2014 14th Annual Día de los Muertos Pilgrimage

November 1st, 2014
14th Annual
Día de los Muertos Pilgrimage


Cross-Making Flyer


Tucson-In response to the 122 migrants who lost their lives on the Arizona-Sonora border this past fiscal year, Coalición de Derechos Humanos will convene its Fourteenth Annual Pilgrimage to bring attention to the human rights crisis that is occurring in the southwest.


On Saturday, November 1, 2014, participants will gather at St. John’s Church (602 W. Ajo Way) at 8:30 in the morning.  Following a short sending forth ceremony, the 8-mile walk will begin; participants will carry crosses bearing the names of the migrants who have died this past fiscal year.  The Pilgrimage will arrive at San Xavier Mission at approximately 1:00pm, met by the Franciscan Friars and the W:ak Traditional Singers, and end with a blessing of all participants and crosses as the names of the dead are read and their crosses placed next to the crosses of the last thirteen years.


Since border policies were implemented in the 1990s, it is estimated that the remains of more than 6,000 men, women and children have been recovered on the U.S.-México border. This does not include the countless souls whose bodies have yet to be found, those who will never be found and whose families continue to suffer the agony of not knowing what has become of their loved ones. “These deaths are a direct result of U.S. border policies, which have routed thousands of immigrants to their deaths in the rivers, deserts, and at the hands of border and law enforcement officials.”


Coalición de Derechos Humanos invites all people of conscience to join us in our Pilgrimage and to walk this symbolic distance with us as we remember our sisters and brothers who have lost their lives needlessly. We ask that this crisis along our borders be brought to an end, humane border policies be implemented, and that justice be sought for all who live and work on the border.

Cross-Making Flyer SPN