Community Potluck:Honduras’ Presidential Election: Return to Democracy or More Coup Government?


Friday, January 10, 2014 6:00pm

Global Justice Center 225 E 26th St. South Tucson

Chuck Kaufman, Sherry Teachnor, and Lois Martin will report on their experiences monitoring Honduras’ Nov. 24 election. Chuck and Sherry were part of Alliance for Global Justice’s 55 member delegation and Lois participated in the La Voz de los de Abajo delegation. Both delegations were part of Honduras Solidarity Network’s over 170 election monitors. Since the June 28, 2009 military coup, Honduras has been a country without the rule of law, its citizens subject to violence, intimidation, and land grabbing by the voracious oligarchy which launched the coup against democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya. That coup brought together unions, teachers, peasant and indigenous groups, LGBTQ activists, youth, artists, and human rights defenders into the National Front for Popular Resistance. The FNRP formed the Liberation and Refoundation Party (LIBRE) to contest in the presidential and congressional election. Xiomara Castro, wife of Zelaya, led in nearly every poll before the election yet was awarded on 28% of the vote on election day. Juan Orlando Hernandez of the right-wing National Party was named the victor. The US government was quick to recognize the offi cial result despite the massive fraud. Join Chuck, Sherry, Lois and Derechos Humanos for good food and discussion about their experiences and what we can do to keep the pressure on the US government to stop contributing to the violence and lawlessness in Honduras.

Bring a dish to share (if you can)

Requested donation to support Derechos Humanos: $5.00